Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Burnt Out!!!

It's summer in the south and along with summer always comes family get togethers, BBQs, going to the pool, lake, pond, river (any water source that even remotely feels cooler than the outside air temperature). And of course another thing that always comes with summer and is the bane of anyone with fair skin, a SUNBURN.

I decided to do this one for my bf V. The girl is part vampire and freely admits it. (She's never tried to bite me but I can't say the same for anyone that has ever pissed her off :-p I love her anyways tho.) The sun's rays actively seek her out. About a month ago she was working on a project in her garage and still managed to get sunburned. Yesterday she was doing a grab and drive across several states (her man is on his way home...YAY!!!) and managed to get sunburned through the windows of her truck. Like I said the sun's rays actively seek her out. I'm sure that there are more people out in this wide world than just her with skin like that though. I am lucky in the fact that even being a redhead I only get burned one good time a year then it turns brown.

So for V and all the other half-vampires out there:

Sunburn Treatment
5 Black Tea Bags
3 Cups Fresh Mint
1 Quart Water

Boil the water. After the water has boiled turn it off and remove from the stove or microwave. Add the tea bags and mint.. Cover the pan or bowl and set it aside for an hour. Strain out the tea bags and mint into a 2 quart pitcher and refrigerate. Wait a few hours for the liquid to chill completely and then apply to sunburned skin with either cotton balls or by pouring the liquid directly on to the affected area. If you are gonna pour do it outside or in the tub or you'll have a minty, watery mess in your floor. I would even suggest putting the liquid into a spray bottle the way you don't waste any of it.

The mint will cool the sunburn and the black tea will draw out the heat. This combination restores the skin's natural acid balance.

I can't help you guys on the results of this one since I already got my yearly sunburn but I'll be more than happy to hear any of your results after you try it.

Happy DIYing Everyone!! 


BelleDiabolique June 28, 2011 at 12:12 PM  

Huh... I am planning on getting some tea bags when we get into an apartment or post housing. Until I can afford to get a water filter, or filtering pitcher, or *something* I absolutely can not drink the water here plain. I am spoiled. Well water has completely ruined me for this chlorinated city crap. Holy gods it's VILE! So, I gotta make it drinkable lol, and tea seems a cheap alternative to buying bottled water.

This is one I haven't heard of before. I've heard vinegar, and it sucks! Sucks, sucks, sucks!! It hurts. Bad. And I think the only thing that makes the burn feel better is comparison to the agony you're in when you put the vinegar on it lol.

I'm willing to give it a shot. I still have some mint tea, too (somwhere. Probably in my "pantry" box). I wonder if that would be a suitable alternative to the fresh mint, since i haven't scrounged out the local herbals and whole foods places, yet.

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