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How To Get Rid Of Uninvited House-guests.

PhotobucketNo I'm not talking about your in laws or in my case, MY parents. I'm talking about roaches. Or more generally those big roach looking things that southerners call water bugs. In general, the larger cockroaches do not bother me as long as they stay out of my house but, because of the drought we are currently experiencing in Central Georgia, several of these nuisances have taken up residence. So, in my fashion, I set out to find a way to get rid of the dreaded things naturally and at little cost to me. And thanks again to TipNut, I believe I have found the solution to my "bug" problem. You can find the original article here.

Roach Ball Recipe
White Flour
Boric Acid or Borax (although Boric Acid is a bit more effective)
Confectioner's Sugar

The amounts for each of the things listed above are something you will have to figure out depending on how much coverage you need. To start, mix the Boric Acid and Flour in a 50/50 ratio. (I used half a cup of Borax and half a cup of flour.) I added in 1 tbsp of confectioner's sugar and just slowly added water until it formed a sticky dough. (Don't add to much water...You don't want to end up with a soupy mess.) Roll the dough into marble sized balls and place them EVERYWHERE. Especially the dark recesses where your uninvitees like to hang out. The trash can, the backs of cupboards, under furniture, etc. You can always add a bit of bacon grease to the mixture to make the roach balls a bit more "appealing". The original article said it should take about a month for the roaches to be gone so we will see how it goes. They also list a recipe for larger infestations, but since mine is limited to seeing one of the little freaks every now and then I didn't bother with it, but you can find it here as well.

Happy DIYing Everyone!!!


BelleDiabolique July 11, 2011 at 10:04 AM  

I haven't had any of the "water bugs" (I just call the big ugly bastidges roaches), but those itty bitty teensy ones have been making an occasional appearance. I think they may have come in on the boxes, and possibly come in hunting water. This sounds like It might be worth a try, just to keep them from becoming an issue. I don't think I'll put any bacon grease in them, because I have a cat, and that'd probably be the *one* human food she decided would be good to try. Our apartment is older, and has a ventilation duct in the basement to encourage air circulation, but it's one that can't be closed. There's a screen over it, but that won't stop the tiny ones from coming in. I keep the basement door shut to keep the cool air upstairs, so a scattering down there would be a really good idea. Not just for roachy bugs.

Rey July 18, 2011 at 8:40 AM  

I am proud to report that it's been less than a month and I have not seen the first *bastidge* as V calls them. Ever since I made the roach balls none of the little nuisances have shown even an antenna in my house. Score: Rey - 1 Big Uglies - 0

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